Readers brand cardboard traffic cops for Edinburgh a "Huge waste of money"

A cardboard cut-out of a traffic officer. Picture: Contributed
A cardboard cut-out of a traffic officer. Picture: Contributed
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Edinburgh Evening News readers have criticised a council move to introduce cardboard cut-out traffic cops to enforce 20mph speed limits in the city.

Residents will be able to commandeer one of four Pop Up Bob figures, complete with hi-vis jacket and speed gun, for two to three week deployments.

The cut-outs come as part of a new online toolkit of activities and resources to help communities reduce speeds and encourage more responsible and healthier behaviour.

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Senior police officers have praised Bob as a useful additional road safety tool, but critics question their effectiveness and say real officers should be deployed instead.

And EEN readers have been having their say on today's exclusive.

Louise Graham said: "Where is the money coming from to make these cardboard cut outs?! Very few people (Police included) stick to the 20mph, just another huge waste of money and resources!"

Rena Barker said: "Do the council hold competitions for the most ridiculous idea of the week? Put the money to better use and fix the housing problem."

Alan Inverarity said: "Will there be a prize for the first person who relocates it to the most bizarre place? Top of Arthur's Seat, on a tram, Edinburgh Zoo."

David Nisbet said: "Wouldn't last five minutes, it would get nicked."

However Callum Kemp said: "Slowed me down once in Fife, the police move it daily."

David McCoy said: "In times of austerity, cardboard cut-outs are the norm."