Readers have their say about Capital’s taxis

Passengers have had their say about Edinburgh's taxi rank.
Passengers have had their say about Edinburgh's taxi rank.
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MORE than 90 per cent of people rated their most recent taxi journey good or very good.

The council’s survey of taxi provision said overall the public were generally satisfied with the taxi service in Edinburgh – including waiting times.

Those who hired by app had the highest levels of satisfaction – 100 per cent. Booking by phone scored 96 per cent, flagging down in the street 97 per cent and going to a rank 95 per cent.

Those who did criticise complained about fares being too high, drivers lacking knowledge or making poor route choices, poor driving, language difficulties, vehicle cleanliness and Edinburgh’s traffic.

Just over a third of respondents felt that taxi services could be improved – particularly more taxis provided at peak times and better customer service.

Fifty per cent believed there were enough taxi stances in Edinburgh but 35 per cent said more were needed.

Suggestions for better rank provision included improvements at Waverley Station and more taxi marshals.

Almost 75 per cent said they thought there were enough taxis in the city, while 12 per cent said there were not.

Sixty-two per cent backed the 1316 limit on taxi numbers.

People were asked if they had a preference between taxis or private hire cars when ordering a licensed vehicle. Nearly 62 per cent preferred taxis, 18 per cent private hire cars and 20 per cent expressed no preference.

Reasons given for their preference included black cabs having better geographical knowledge; Uber being cheaper; the ease of securing a vehicle via an app; feeling more secure in black cabs due to the partition; black cabs being too expensive; and black cabs have better driving standards.

Overall, wheelchair users and other people with disabilities/special needs were satisfied with the current service and range of vehicles licensed. But they said access at Waverley Station needed improved.