Resident: Two of my neighbours have been killed on Edinburgh road

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FIONA Hoy says two of her neighbours have been killed crossing Glasgow Road at Ratho Station, where traffic regularly ignores the 40mph sign just before the village.

“My neighbour next door died crossing the road and my neighbour directly opposite also died,” she said. But the tragic accidents were both some years ago and cannot count towards a speed camera now.

Fiona Hoy beside the speed limit signs. Picture: Neil Hanna

Fiona Hoy beside the speed limit signs. Picture: Neil Hanna

“There is a footbridge,” said Ms Hoy. “But a lot of elderly people struggle with it and there is no wheelchair access.

“Because of the difficulties, a lot of people going into Edinburgh will get a bus heading out of town to Newbridge and change there onto a bus into Edinburgh.”

Moves are now under way to extend the 40mph speed limit from Ratho Station heading into town.

But Ms Foy said without enforcement motorists would continue to drive at 60 and 70mph – a point echoed by Almond councillor Kevin Lang.

He said: “It’s good news they are responding to concerns by reducing the speed limit. There are young families living on that road and it is close to a primary school.

“But it will only be effective if drivers know that if they risk going over the speed limit they risk being caught and fined or ultimately losing their licence.”