ScotRail slammed as cancellations leave 150 stranded at Newcraighall - reports

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RAIL commuters have vented their fury after delays and cancellations reportedly left dozens of people stranded at Newcraighall.

Passengers hoping to board the Newcraighall to Edinburgh service at 8.11am this morning were left disappointed when it was announced the train had been cancelled.

More rage began to build when the 8.41 service arrived reduced to just two carriages - leaving a large number of passengers on the platform unable to board.

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And a dreadful morning for ScotRail commuters worsened half an hour later when it was revealed that the 9.11 was also cancelled.

Furious rail passengers have taken to social media to complain, with some claiming that up to 150 people have been left stranded on the platform due to the delays and cancellations.

A raging @BArthur83 wrote: “Typical Monday morning shambles from @ScotRail and they have the nerve to charge £700 a year for a season ticket on this route!!”

Delays and cancellations between Newcraighall have left dozens of commuters stranded. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Delays and cancellations between Newcraighall have left dozens of commuters stranded. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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In a separate tweet, they added: “Approx 150+ people stranded at newcraighall, never mind brunstane. The total disrespect for commuters is outrageous.

“And still @MathesonMichael does nothing, earn your money and end this shambolic @ScotRail franchise!!”

@RyanJones62 added: “Well that’s a first. Monday morning and cannot even get on a @ScotRail train at Newcraighall due to it representing a tightly packed tin of sardines on arrival. Not surprised any more and sign of more things to come once all the thousands of new homes are complete.”

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Another user fumed: “So @ScotRail have really excelled this morning - the shorter-than-scheduled two-carriage 0841 Newcraighall to Edinburgh was too full to get on after the 0811 was cancelled. The 0913 is cancelled too so now desperately trying to get into town by another means. Poor, poor, poor.”

ScotRail have responded to some passengers and say they are aware of the issue: “We’re really sorry about this, it’s not good enough. We’re working hard to recruit more staff, in addition to increasing our fleet size from 800 to over 1000 carriages. Unfortunately there’s no overnight fix, but improvements are being made.”