Strong winds cause British Airways aborted landing at Edinburgh Airport

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A passenger jet was forced into an aborted landing as strong winds buffeted Edinburgh Airport this morning.

The British Airways pilot expertly performed the "go-around" as the 8.20am flight from Heathrow came in on approach.

BA1432 landed safely at 8.46am this morning

BA1432 landed safely at 8.46am this morning

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Passengers told how they felt the plane's tyres touch the tarmac before it accelerated back into the air.

One traveller said: " BA1432 to Edinburgh his morning. Aborted landing from wheels on the ground.

"Some explanation when we eventually landed would have been appreciated!"

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The plane landed safely 26 minutes later than scheduled.

A spokesman for British Airways said: "Safety is always our priority and our pilots regularly train to conduct the standard manoeuvre known as a 'go around' due to strong winds across the runway.

"The aircraft circled the airport and landed safely."