Tram Inquiry: Firm ‘failed to oversee key contracts’

Tram construction at West End, Haymarket
Tram construction at West End, Haymarket
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Neil Renilson was rebuked by inquiry chairman Lord Hardie no less than four times for his conduct at yesterday’s hearing.

The former judge first took exception to Mr Renilson putting one hand in his pocket while swearing the oath before giving evidence. He said: “Take your hand out of your pocket please.”

Minutes later, Lord Hardie noticed something else he didn’t like. He told the witness: “Are you chewing? Would you get rid of it please?” In a third intervention, Lord Hardie stopped Mr Renilson for speaking over Jonathan Lake, counsel to the inquiry. He said: “Don’t overspeak. One person has to speak and another stop.”

But Lord Hardie’s sternest reprimand came at the end of the hearing, when Mr Renilson said he could not return today to continue his evidence.

He said: “You are under citation, so you will be here tomorrow. There are sanctions for failing to comply.”