VIDEO: Child safety fears as Lothian buses mount pavement 'daily' at Edinburgh junction

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A father has raised fears his own children could be knocked down by a bus regularly mounting the pavement at a busy north Edinburgh junction.

Father-of-two James Glossop says the number 7 and 11 buses mount the kerb "every day" while turning left from Newhaven Road on to Stanley Road.

Footage captures the buses mounting the pavement at the corner of Newhaven Road and Stanley Road. Pic: James Glossop.

Footage captures the buses mounting the pavement at the corner of Newhaven Road and Stanley Road. Pic: James Glossop.

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Mr Glossop claims the problem with the buses has been "getting worse" since Lothian introduced their new 100-seaters on the number 11 route in March.

The 35-year-old, who has two young boys aged one and four, said: "The junction is far too small for two major bus routes to converge on. Damage is being done to the road and pavement. I worry that one day a driver will mount the kerb at the wrong time and my children might end up under it.

"The buses should go down Craighall Road, which is much, much wider and already accommodates tourist buses. This part of the route needs serious attention before someone gets hurt."

Lothian Buses say they have provided vital transport links to the Newhaven community for years, and that it's up to the city council's roads team to deal with an increase in bad parking in such areas.

The corner of the road has been damaged.

The corner of the road has been damaged.

But Mr Glossop says the junction is inappropriate for vehicles the size of the new 100-seater vehicles, dubbed 'monster buses' by some.

Children regularly use this section of pavement to walk to to and from Trinity Primary School and Trinity Academy.

He says there are also knock-on problems further up both Newhaven Road and Stanley Road, with cars routinely forced to drive on the pavement just to allow traffic to flow.

As the video footage shows, Mr Glossop has witnessed members of Lothian Bus staff having to guide buses as they reverse along the road - and he has also seen members of the public helping out.

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Mr Glossop said the junction has been a problem for years and that bollards were previously used - but they kept getting knocked over or scraped.

He says the junction is also constantly needing repairs and that Lothian Buses regularly has staff in the area to look at the street corner.

John White, Roads and Streetworks manager at Lothian Buses, said: "Buses have, for many years, played a critical role in delivering vital transport links to the heart of the Newhaven community.

"Over recent time we have been in dialogue with both residents and customers, who want to make sure that these services continue to operate whilst ensuring that the roads authority deal with the issues caused by an increase in on- street and indiscriminate parking."