Watch: brand new Lothian “superbus” breaks down in Princes Street

A NEW Capital “superbus” broke down on Princes Street this afternoon causing delays.

The new fleet can hold 131 passengers
The new fleet can hold 131 passengers

Drivers reported some tailbacks after the vehicle came to a stop in the middle of the road near to The Balmoral.

Lothian’s fleet of 42 Falkirk-built 100-seat double deckers became the biggest bus in the UK when they started running in January.

“There’s a new longer bus broken down on Princes Street outside Balmoral - tailbacks and horns,” said one road user.

But he added: “It’s not actually too bad. Buses getting backed up on North Bridge but it clears quickly.”

The new buses see travellers alighting through middle doors for the first time in a decade to speed up services

They accommodate a total of 131 passengers, including those standing - half as many again as the older double deckers.

Each bus is 45ft (13.4m) long - four-foot longer than the existing fleet.

Other features on the six-wheelers include high-back seats to give passengers more personal space.


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