‘We need more spaces!’: Edinburgh reacts to £60 double-parking fine

The news this week that Edinburgh drivers who double-park next to bins face a £60 fine was widely welcomed among readers.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 10:01 am

A new campaign by the city council launched this week warns drivers could be slapped with the hefty fee or get their car towed if they park next to communal skips.

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£60 fine for Edinburgh drivers who double-park next to bins

“All double parkers should be fined, if the vehicle is there for more than 5 minutes. This would allow folk who just need to pop into their home to grab something and go, but discourage selfish idiots who can’t be bothered to find a space.” Lucien Romano

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Drivers also face getting their car towed

“What’s the fine when a council bin-skip is half dumped on a parking space? Zip diddly squat.” John Gailey

“That’s a start. Not sure why the council are so reluctant to tackle pavement parking. If our elected councillors spent a day using a wheelchair or pushing a double-buggy around on streets where drivers regularly park on the pavement, they would soon do something. But I guess pavement parking isn’t a big deal in the leafy suburbs where most of them live.” John Smith

“There needs to be more available spaces for permit holders in this case; or permit times extended to later in the evening as there are not enough spaces available at the best of times, never mind for those who pay for a parking permit.” Crawford Mclaren

“Perhaps there’s not enough spaces anyway in the tenement areas for everyone who owns a vehicle.” Henry Campbell Gillan

“Nobody mention wheelie bins. No double parking next to them as well , or is it another double standard from the council? Wheelie bins should be presented on the road next to the pavement and placed back there once emptied. They clog up public footpaths especially for wheelchair users.” Pam Brown

‘Lazy people’

“We get double parkers days a week but because the parking attendants work only Monday to Friday in our zone they get away with it for two days. I’ve seen emergency services get held up because of these clowns.” Dougie Turner

“Good! Happens all the time here, meaning limited access to bins. It also happens when there are spaces further up or down the street that I would guess are not close enough to ‘home’ for the driver. However, there are lots of other areas to consider, eg parking on double yellow or red lines, especially places like North Bridge outside the Balmoral Hotel, which holds up a whole lane of traffic. It’s a start though.” Tricia Flett

“Brilliant. I would also love it if the same was applied to those who sit with their engines running.” Ann Small

“Good! It’s tight for emergency vehicles getting up and down some of these streets.” Julie Sinclair

“Lazy people do that! Most of the time they can’t walk 20 metres but annoy another 200 passers by not parking properly. It’s about time and should apply to those parking to answer phones.” Ricardo Alves

“Are they going to extend traffic wardens hours? I pay for a permit; anytime after 5.30pm I can’t park anywhere near my house and all the permit bays are full up with cars with no permits. The number of double parking cars is unreal. How on earth are the emergency services supposed to get down roads?” Kirk Sullivan

“As a courier, I would say it’s unfair as there are limited places to stop to make a delivery. Usually 2 mins to make a drop - I don’t see the problem with that. It’s the people that park there for ages I’d have a problem with.” Mark Lawrie

“Too many cars for the city to handle. Soon be one car per household unless off street and no exceptions. Bike deliveries only without a permit, leading to no vans and no lorries except with a permit to deliver in Edinburgh. New taxes to use Edinburgh roads.” Bruce Johnston

“Why limit it to bins? How about on corners and in front of steps from road to pavement? Sounds like it’ll be great fun when Hearts are playing at home - I live on one of the streets nearest Tynecastle!” Paul Harvey

“Well, if there was enough parking for residents I am sure it wouldn’t be as bad.” Steven Mckail

“About time. Remember this is your city and you should do everything to keep it tidy.” Rosemary Hay

Stricter action

“The trouble is that the Scottish Government has always believed ordinary folk should always have to walk to wherever they have to go, so that they do not need a car.” Ben Kerr

“It happens in my street all the time and bins don’t get emptied.” Angela Smith

“Is the council going to get a fine for their staff damaging cars when they do not replace the bins in the holder and they roll into cars?” Lorraine Blyth

“There are no single yellow lines on those streets, so double parking next to a bin is the only way a courier can make a delivery without an instant ticket.” James Buchanan

Someone double parked beside my car in Leith once. I had to eventually phone the police to get the guy to shift and he had the cheek to give me abuse when he eventually turned up. Sarah Ross

D”ouble parking of any sort should be fined. The only exemption to double parking should be emergency vehicles.” Lizz Rennie

“Go round Edinburgh on a Sunday and fine drivers that go to church and park in cycle lanes.” Colin John Atkinson

“Good! Same should apply to cars that park on bike and bus lanes. Should be stricter.” Stuart Mallen

“The council have woken up to something useful for a change.” David Fox