What we know about the Princes Street cyclist tragedy

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Q What happened?

A A 24-year-old cyclist fell on Princes Street after her bike wheels apparently got stuck in a tram track. She was then hit by a minibus and died in hospital a short while later.

Q Could it have been prevented?

A Lawyers have said they warned of the risks of cyclists crossing tram lines two years ago.Police are still investigating, but eyewitnesses recalled seeing the cyclist’s bike getting stuck.

What is clear is the issue of cyclists getting their wheels caught in tram tracks has caused a number of near misses on previous occasions and there have been repeated calls for measures to be taken to lessen the risk.

Some are understood to have been examined but not taken forward due to a lack of clear evidence that they would stop accidents. We know the scene of Wednesday’s collision had been previously identified as a cycling blackspot.

Q Is the number of accidents on Edinburgh’s tram lines unusually high?

A Figures show 191 cyclists have been injured by tram tracks in Edinburgh. It has been suggested the rate of accidents in Edinburgh is higher than other cities, a claim disputed by the city council.

Q What are the possible solutions?

A Campaigners say segregated cycle lanes are key. Advanced traffic lights for cyclists have also been suggested, to allow extra time should they get stuck in a track.