Traffic jams led to missed court date

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THE brother and sister-in-law of Da Vinci Code rapist Robert Greens failed to turn up for a court hearing because they were both stuck in traffic.

Richard and Lee Greens, 35 and 32, were supposed to be sentenced last Thursday for committing a brutal assault in January but failed to appear on time and were arrested at their Penicuik home at the weekend.

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday, they both admitted a single charge of failing to appear in court but sentence was deferred on the duo until later this month for them to appear before Sheriff Holligan.

The pair were supposed to be sentenced last week on the January assault and reset charges.

During a hearing in September, the court heard how Greens lost his temper during a New Year’s party after a party goer mistakenly called him by his brother Robert’s name.

The court heard that he grabbed defenceless Garry Campbell and threw him down a flight of concrete stairs.

On Thursday, the court heard the pair had been delayed by two sets of road works and arrived at court after a warrant had been issued for their arrest. During the 90-second hearing, Mr Greens’ defence solicitor Murray Robertson asked Sheriff McColl to grant his client bail. She agreed and deferred sentence until later this month.