Tragic teenager given a break by sheriff

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A SHERIFF has given a teenager dubbed Britain’s youngest mum the chance to put her life back together.

Tressa Middleton, who fell pregnant aged 11, learned she’d lost her unborn baby and her mum on Sunday.

But when the now 18-year-old appeared at Livingston Sheriff Court over a cheque scam yesterday she was given a break by Sheriff Grahame Fleming QC. He deferred sentence for four months on the attempted fraud charge and ordered her to engage with social work and drug agencies, which are currently trying to help her rebuild her life. He also allowed a probation order – which she broke by trying to pay a stolen cheque for £500 into her bank account – to 

He did, however, fine her £70 for failing to turn up at an earlier court hearing and ordered her to pay it from her benefits at £10 a fortnight.

Tressa, who lives in Bathgate, was recovering from a miscarriage at the weekend when she was told that her mum Tracey Tallons had been found dead at her flat in Livingston. Police said yesterday that they were treating Ms Tallons’ death as “unexplained”.