Tragic timeline

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September 6 2006: Corporal Mark Wright of 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment dies in a minefield in Helmand Province while rescuing injured colleagues. He was posthumously awarded the George Cross.

October 2008: At the end of an inquest into Cpl Wright’s death, Coroner Andrew Walker criticised the lack of resources given to the army in Afghanistan, after hearing that no helicopters with rescue winches were available to evacuate injured troops from the minefield, so a Chinook had been sent instead, causing a fierce downdraft which blew a mine upwards into Cpl Wright’s chest.

November 21, 2009: After months of fundraising and planning, the Mark Wright Project Centre is officially opened in Dalkeith.

July 2010: Bob and Jem Wright receive an award for their work with the charity at the Royal British Legion’s first ever Friends of the Forces Awards.

January 2011: The couple warn that they may have to sell their son’s medals to keep the centre afloat. In response, public donations flood in.

September 19: Members are told the centre facing a new crisis as it prepares to fight an employment tribunal.