Trainspotting characters to vote for Independence?

Renton would probably vote Yes. Picture: Comp
Renton would probably vote Yes. Picture: Comp
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Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has revealed how he thinks key characters from his novels would vote in the independence referendum.

Welsh, a strong supporter of independence, does not have a vote himself because he is based in the United States with homes in Miami and Chicago.

In an interview, he said most of the central figures in Trainspotting would probably back independence.

He said: “Spud would probably be Yes, but get lost on his way to the polling booth.

“Begbie is difficult to say. I think he would probably tell everybody he wasn’t going to vote and it was a load of s**** and then probably vote Yes.

“I think Renton would be Yes.”

But turning to another of his novels, Filth, Welsh said its central character, the bigoted, depraved detective Bruce Robertson would vote No.

Welsh said a Yes victory would not make him more likely to move back to Scotland, though he did not rule it out entirely.

He said: “I’ve lived in England, Holland, Ireland, Midwest America and the west coast of America. I never really planned any of that to happen.”