Tram review could see lights and shelters change

Passengers at the Murrayfield tram stop. Pic: Greg Macvean
Passengers at the Murrayfield tram stop. Pic: Greg Macvean
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A WIDE-ranging review of how the tram system has been designed will be launched as soon as it begins carrying passengers on May 31, council chiefs have announced.

City transport leader Lesley Hinds said that details like the tram shelters and litter bins “were designed a long time ago” and needed to be looked at again in the face of “concerns about the infrastructure”.

She revealed that the review would also examine whether trams should continue to have priority at traffic light-controlled junctions.

The narrow shelters have been criticised for not offering enough protection from the Scottish weather, and last year Cllr Hinds conceded they were the result of a “minimalist design approach”. Edinburgh Airport chiefs are reportedly particularly unhappy about the standard of shelters at the tram terminus. Critics have also questioned the small size of the litter bins on the trams.

Taxi drivers and local businesses have complained of quarter-of-an-hour waits to clear the series of traffic lights at Haymarket, with passing trams given priority.

Some people have been quite content with the amount of shelter provided at tram stops, with police forced to issue a warning over a “craze” for romantic liaisons in the shelters before tram testing began.