The 10 steepest streets in Scotland revealed

The steepest street in the UK - and in fact the world - belongs to a meandering route in north-west Wales known as Ffordd Pen Llech situated in the historic town of Harlech with a gradient of 37.5 per cent at its steepest point. But what are the steepest streets in Scotland?

Ramsay Lane in Edinburgh
Ramsay Lane in Edinburgh

A list has been compiled with the held of Ordnance Survey staff and the results are surprising - with just one street in Edinburgh's hilly Old Town making the list of the top ten. Here is the full list:

Tobermory on the Isle of Mull is best known for its brightly painted waterfront houses, but it also boasts the steepest road in Scotland. Middle Brae tops the list with a gradient of 19.4 per cent.
Edinburgh's Old Town, with its twisting cobbled streets, surprisingly lays claim to just one of the top ten steepest streets in Scotland. Ramsay Lane, which runs off the Mound, has a gradient of 15.73 per cent.
A visit to the Scottish Borders reveals the third steepest street on this list. Ellwyn Crescent is situated in Galashiels, with the sweeping road boasting a gradient of 15.62 per cent lying on the outskirts of the town.
One place in the top ten can be found in Aberdeen, with Justice Mill Brae, which has a nearby JD Wetherspoon pub of the same name, having a gradient of 11.98 per cent.
A trip to Banff reveals the fifth steepest entry on the list. Strait Path has handrails extended along both sides to help climbs up the steep gradient of 13.91 per cent. The road is sealed off to traffic.
Bo'ness tucked away on the fringes of West Lothian is home to the sixth steepest street in Scotland. School Brae boasts a gradient of 12.92 per cent and runs past the town's main public school and nursery.
Situated close to the Scottish-English border, this small road in Jedburgh is behind the ruins of the town's famous abbey. Lanton Road offers views over the entire town and has a gradient of 15.46 per cent.
Gardner Street in Glasgow was nominated by the largest number of BBC News Online readers as the country's steepest street, but Wardlaw Drive in Rutherglen is the only one to actually make the top ten list.
This street was the second most common suggestion nominated by BBC readers. The street's thigh-burning top section that has been closed off to traffic for the past 50 years has a gradient of 10.68 per cent.
Those travelling north-east of Dundee will soon arrive at the town of Arbroath. Nestled just a couple of streets back from the main docks is Mount Zion Brae, a small road that boasts a slope gradient of 10.63 per cent.