2600 tickets issued across Edinburgh over the four days of Jubilee celebrations

A Jubilee street party in Morningside
A Jubilee street party in Morningside
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As a glorious celebration to raise the nation’s spirits, many thought the Diamond Jubilee was just the ticket.

But more than 2600 city motorists were left feeling a little deflated after being hit with parking fines over the holiday weekend.

A parking attendant

A parking attendant

More than half the total number of parking fines issued across Scotland were handed out in Edinburgh as the city saw a sharp rise in the number of tickets dished out.

It is thought that many motorists wrongly assumed that parking restrictions had been lifted for the bank holiday break, when in fact the city only has four “parking holidays” – Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Monday – when parking is allowed for free in public bays and on single yellow lines.

The 2604 fines issued - a rise of nearly 20 per cent on an average four-day period - would net the council nearly £80,000 if everyone paid promptly, or double that if everyone paid the full £60 penalty.

However, figures released by the council suggest that £54,680 has been collected so far. Around 5000 penalties were handed out across Scotland, bringing in a total of £130,000.

Brian Macdowall of the Association of British Motorists said: “It beggars belief that the council have been so money-minded that they charged the hard-pressed motorist on an occasion like that.

“We would ask them not to repeat this exercise during other holiday celebrations.”

Some authorities, including Argyll and Bute and East Ayrshire, issued no fines over the same period.

Jackson Carlaw MSP, Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said the holiday had been used as a chance to “sting” motorists.

“The idea that the country came together to celebrate this occasion, while parking wardens crept around the streets issuing notices, will not sit well with the public,” he said.

“But it’s not only the revellers who will have been hit, with many businesses – who’ve never needed a boost more – also missing out on increased trade free parking would have brought.”

The Capital’s transport leader Councillor Lesley 
Hinds said: “Parking restrictions in Edinburgh were 
not altered during the Jubilee weekend and wardens 
issued tickets where necessary, as they would any other weekend.

“A number of large-scale events took place and unfortunately this led to an increase in the number of illegally parked cars over this period.”