Average cameras to enforce 40mph limit at Forth bridge

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AVERAGE speed cameras are to be introduced on five miles of road approaching the Forth Road Bridge.

The devices will enforce a new 40mph speed limit as work begins building roads for the new Forth crossing.

They will be placed for around one mile approaching the bridge from the A90 on the Edinburgh side, the M9 spur and between junctions 1 and 2 on the M9, between Newbridge and Winchburgh.

Work has already begun on installing them, and they are set to come into force in coming weeks and will be in place until the spring of 2013.

A lengthy section of average speed cameras has already been in place for some time on the Fife side of the bridge, prompting complaints from drivers of frustration at driving 30mph below the usual limit straight after the often challenging task of making it across the bridge.

Steven Brown, roads and infrastructure manager for Transport Scotland’s Forth Replacement Crossing employers delivery team, said the measures were necessary to ensure safety.

“This traffic management is an essential part of minimising the FRC project’s construction impact on journey times and public safety,” he said.

“These works are essential for the upgrade of M9 junction 1a, which is vital to the wider FRC scheme.

“The 40mph speed limit and average speed cameras will help ensure a steady flow of traffic and help maintain the safety of the travelling public and contractors working on the site.”

As part of the work the hard shoulders on those roads will be closed and “various traffic management measures” will be brought in at various points.

Although it means cameras will now be both sides of the bridge, they will not be installed on the structure itself, and it is not known if they will feature on the replacement crossing.

Average speed cameras are increasingly popular with authorities because they restrain motorists for a more sustained period than a solitary device, with experts adding compliance is generally high.

The system will be operated by Lothian and Borders Safety Camera Partnership on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Its manager Julie Roy said: “The speed limit has been reduced to 40mph for the safety of all road users and in particular the construction workers.

“It is extremely dangerous for the workers to be alongside fast-moving traffic. Nobody would want to work in a dangerous office so we shouldn’t expect those working outdoors to take risks either.

“Drivers are being asked to be patient, drive with care and observe the speed limit.”


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