Bridge chiefs hopeful after fluid spillage

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Forth Road Bridge bosses say they are optimistic that no lasting damage has been done to the road surface following a major spill of hydraulic fluid.

Motorists experienced long delays on Monday when one lane of the northbound carriageway had to be closed after a lorry spilled gallons of the fluid along a mile stretch.

Barry Colford, chief engineer and bridgemaster, said: “As well as the risk of causing traffic to skid, hydraulic fluid can soften and weaken the bridge’s mastic asphalt surfacing. It was therefore essential we removed the spill as quickly as possible.

“Our solution was to bring in three specialist road-cleaning vehicles, which worked together to spray large quantities of detergent on to the road and then vacuum it up again. We also sent our painters out with hoses to do what they could.

“We are optimistic that we have prevented any long-term damage to the road, although we will monitor its condition.”