Cardownie puts tram boss under pressure

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The council’s deputy leader has insisted Lothian Buses should reveal how much Edinburgh’s trams chief is being paid.

Ian Craig, formerly the managing director of Lothian Buses, has been promoted to the new role of chief executive as the organisation assumes control of the controversial tram line which will run between the airport and the city centre.

But the publicly-owned firm has refused to disclose how much his new salary even though it will have to make the details public next month when its remuneration report goes before the council. Last year, Mr Craig hit the headlines after it was revealed he was paid £159,675, plus a bonus of £47,200.

But Councillor Steve Cardownie said: “We should know what his salary is – it’s public money.

“By keeping this a secret it’s going to look as if Lothian Buses have something to hide – it makes people suspicious.

“We know what the Prime Minister’s salary is –why not Ian Craig?”