Coach driver caught using his mobile at the wheel in Edinburgh city centre

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Video shows man steering with one hand in city centre

THIS is the moment the driver of a passenger bus was caught brazenly using his mobile phone at the wheel.

Coach driver caught using mobile in the city centre

Coach driver caught using mobile in the city centre

The clip was taken in the city centre last Wednesday evening at around 6.45pm.

In the video, the driver of a large coach – branded with the logo for Scotland-based tour company Grayline – can be clearly seen using a phone, with just one hand on the wheel.

At the time he was driving along Elm Row – one of the busiest routes in town, which is regularly used by motorists and cyclists alike.

It is believed that the coach is of standard size – meaning that it can fit around 55 passengers on board.

But it is not clear in the video whether there are any passengers on board at the time the video was taken.

The footage was anonymously submitted to driving campaign group Scotland’s Worst Drivers.

Asked for a comment, the man who submitted the video said: “I think the footage alone speaks volumes.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “It’s always concerning to see drivers using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel, but even more so a professional driver of a large passenger-carrying vehicle.

“Bluetooth hands-free kits have been available since the early 2000s, and many vehicles now come with the connectivity built in. There should be no need for a driver to have a phone at their ear.

“It’s clear £100 and three points is still not a big enough deterrent. Research shows mobile phone use can be more dangerous than drink-driving, and we ask the government to acknowledge and bring in harsher penalties.”

A spokesman for Grayline Tours said: “This incident was reported to the company yesterday and whilst the company has already launched an in-house investigation, the complainer has confirmed that the police and traffic commissioner have both been contacted.

“We are happy to co-operate with Police Scotland, the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and also follow all steps necessary to follow procedure with any other relevant body required to investigate this 

“As the matter is now in the hands of the police, I am unable to add further comment.”