Commuter’s 16 gripes about fellow Edinburgh bus passengers

Exact fare please...
Exact fare please...
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WE’VE all been there. After a long day at work all you want is to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy the majesty of an Edinburgh evening from the window of the bus, efficiently and silently whisking you home.

Instead, you find yourself herded into an implausibly small space, pinned up against someone you would really rather not know that well, desperately trying to keep your balance as you pray no-one else will want to get on before your stop.

Sound familiar?

One reader, Ken Houston, appears to have had enough and has listed his top Edinburgh bus passenger gripes. Read his list below and let us know what you think. Has he gone too far? Perhaps he should try the tram..


1 People who don’t have change ready and waste everyone else’s time by fumbling in purse or pockets

2 People who present the driver with a tenner than go up and down the bus asking for change

3 People who board and pay the driver while talking into a mobile phone – nae manners or what?

4 People with bad colds/flu who spread their germs

5 People who sneeze and don’t carry hankies

6 People whose music leaks from earphones

7 Foul-mouthed yobs

8 Screaming babies

9 Spoiled children

10 Indulgent parents of spoiled children

11 Over-familiar, beery-nosed auld drunks

12 Large groups of visiting students

13 People who put their feet on seats

14 People who put bags on seats hoping to prevent others sitting beside them

15 Standing passengers who knock seated passengers with their bulky rucksacks

16 Fit, healthy young males who squeeze their way into a crowded lower deck without checking if there are seats upstairs.

Have I missed anything?