Cyclists knocked off by Waverley barrier

The pop-up barriers have taken a number of cyclists by surprise. Picture: Greg Macvean
The pop-up barriers have taken a number of cyclists by surprise. Picture: Greg Macvean
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Cyclists are being sent reeling after smashing into the new £1m anti-terror barriers at Waverley Station, the Evening News can reveal.

In the latest incident a 50-year-old man was rushed to hospital with serious head injuries after being sent flying over his handlebars yesterday morning.

It is understood a number of other cyclists have been involved in horror spills after hitting a pop-up barrier – which raises out of the ground to deter would-be car bombers from driving into the subterranean station.

Cyclists have condemned the measures – saying a flimsy A4 sized “cyclists dismount” poster at the entrance to Waverley is scant notice – and does little to warn of the awaiting peril.

However station bosses have been quick to hit back – underlining the fact cyclists are now banned from the access road ramp – adding it is the responsibility of riders to adhere to warning signs.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “There are No Cycling signs at the top and bottom of the south ramp and cyclists should not use that ramp due to the risk of colliding with the barrier system. The north ramp – nearest Princes Street – has been adapted to allow cyclists enough room to cycle up and down and we would encourage all cyclists to use that ramp. We are also continuing to staff the ramps to discourage misuse of the system and assist permitted vehicles using the station.”

The latest incident occurred shortly before 8am yesterday. A commuter with first aid experience rushed to comfort the man before he was taken to the Royal Infirmary.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said the man “suffered severe head injuries” after colliding with the barrier.

It is understood at least three other cyclists have also come crashing down this week as they attempt to navigate the new £1 million anti-terror barriers.

City cycling charity Spokes is horrified at the A4-sized warning sign – with members saying this is “far from ideal”. Spokes’ Ian Maxwell said: “Network Rail needs to better indicate to cyclists the correct way to enter the station. There’s a major problem there, as shown by the number of accidents.”

Signs have been erected at the top of the south ramp warning cyclists not to enter. However, it appears that these are either being ignored or not seen by bikers.

Meanwhile the north ramp has been designed to permit cyclists to pass into and out of the station along a cycle lane to the right of the barriers.

The News revealed last week how taxis were being forced to queue while waiting to enter the station thanks to the barriers. Council leaders have claimed the barriers were installed without adequate warning, potentially putting pedestrians at risk.