Dawe welcomes report backing high-speed rail

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A WESTMINSTER report on high-speed rail has been judged as “very helpful” by city leader Jenny Dawe.

The transport committee at the House of Commons published a report earlier this month stating there is a good case for high-speed rail between London, Birmingham and beyond.

Edinburgh and Glasgow councils are working with public and private sector firms in a partnership led by Transport Scotland to develop a business case for the line coming to Scotland, before the UK Government announces whether it will press ahead with High Speed Rail 2 (HS2).

Cllr Dawe said the findings of the committee report were “very helpful” for the Scottish case, and added: “A high-speed network would transform the capacity, quality, reliability and frequency of rail services between major cities, and offers greater economic and strategic benefits than a conventional line.”

The committee said there was a “good case” for HS2 but urged supporters and opponents of the scheme to desist from name-calling and terms such as “Nimbys” and “Luddites”.