Drivers face UK’s highest drop-off fee at Edinburgh Airport

Drop-off rates are a pound higher than at Glasgow. Picture: Michael Gillen
Drop-off rates are a pound higher than at Glasgow. Picture: Michael Gillen
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COMMUTERS at Edinburgh Airport face the most expensive drop-off charges in the country with skyrocketing prices forcing some to fork out as much as £5 for a 15-minute stay.

Figures released by insurance provider Admiral show the Capital’s 33p-per-minute rate for a 15-minute drop-off is a pound higher than Glasgow Airport, more than twice as expensive as Aberdeen and over three times higher than Prestwick.

Holidaymakers in the Capital are also expected to hand over more than £100 in parking charges for a two-week stay.

The drop-off charges rank Edinburgh as more expensive than London Heathrow, Manchester and Newcastle when compared to the rest of the UK.

Central Taxis chairman Tony Kenmuir admitted it was “no surprise” to hear Edinburgh was amongst the most expensive, citing previous sudden leaps in cost

He also said airport bosses have been unmoved by previous pleas to make allowances for taxi drivers.

He said: “It’s not news to us that Edinburgh Airport is the most expensive in Scotland, our charges have been increased several times without any notice or consultation.

“The argument the airport always use is there’s a free park and ride and we’re welcome to drop passengers there, but what they forget is that is a mile from the airport, so we’re leaving them in the middle of nowhere with another bus journey to go until they get to the terminal.”

In addition to high drop-off charges, Edinburgh commuters can also expect fees of up to £106 for a two-week stay in a standard car park or as much as £145 for a ‘premium’ service.Councillor Graham Hutchison said he believed wider access to the airport was preventing costs from being lowered.

He added: “If it was a case of levying commuters who use the airport as a way to improve services, then personally I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but if it is charging for the sake of charging then obviously something has to be done to readdress that.

“Part of this concerns wider access to the airport itself for people who live in a close proximity. It is very well-connected from the city centre but not from the outlying areas, so it’s difficult for local people to use alternative transport.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “Our drop-off area works for passengers by reducing congestion and waiting times, ensuring an efficient experience – we also continue to invest millions of pounds in facilities at the airport.

“We are one of only six major UK airports to offer a free pick-up and drop-off area, a service that we are committed to maintaining.”