Hibs fans set to miss Faroes clash after flight turns back to Copenhagen

A host of Hibs fans are set to miss out on watching their team playing in their Europa League qualifier after their flight turned back in Copenhagen.

The SAS flight turned round due to extreme weather
The SAS flight turned round due to extreme weather

The flight, which left Copenhagen at 12:20 took off 15 minutes late but turned back just before arrival meaning that Hibs fans were in the air for over 4 hours.

Flight SAS 17777 landed back in Copenhagen at 16:45, while other flights that left after made it on time.

Writing on Twitter, Kat Donaldson wrote: “£750 on flights to go see @HibsOfficial and the pilots circled Faroes’ then decided to take us back to Copenhagen. Faaaab.

According to Donaldson, 11 Hibs fans were on the Scandinavian Airlines flight which turned back due to adverse weather in the Faroes.

It has been raining heavily in the Faroes.

One user wrote on Hibs.net one fan wrote: “This is true. 5 mins before an Atlantic airline flight. The said flight circled the island and decided not to land.

“On flight we were then told BOTH flights would be returning to Copenhagen. Land back in Copenhagen and this is not the case. Fuming”

The route of the flight