Hundreds back bid for traffic lights at black spot

Margaret and Denis Delaney have seen people taking their life in their hands at the junction on the A71. Picture: Scott Taylor
Margaret and Denis Delaney have seen people taking their life in their hands at the junction on the A71. Picture: Scott Taylor
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A PENSIONER’S petition demanding traffic lights at a “danger junction” has attracted overwhelming support.

Margaret Delaney, 73, is calling for traffic lights to be installed on the A71 near the Dalmahoy hotel, where her husband, Denis, 62, has had a number of close calls.

And her petition appears to have struck a chord, having attracted nearly 1100 signatures in a matter of days, and winning backing from hotel bosses.

She said Edinburgh City Council needed to act before “someone is killed”.

As well as lights she wants the roads widened. However, it is understood that there might be insufficient funds in the city council coffers to cover the expected £410,000 costs.

The petition was sparked by regular complaints of terrifying near misses from her husband who runs the gauntlet every morning when he uses Dalmahoy gym.

Mrs Delaney said: “I think it is time for the council to find that money before someone is killed. I don’t want that person to be my husband.

“An offer of a ‘slow down’ sign is not good enough after 15 years of people complaining. The morning rush hour traffic is horrendous with no-one giving way, and the cars pile up the roads on either side.”

Husband Denis added: “I have seen people taking their lives in their hands, particularly tourists coming out the Dalmahoy. This can be at any time, never mind at rush hour.”

The petition to the council claims the exit from Dalmahoy and Ratho on to the A71 is “life-threatening”, predicting that “one day someone will die”.

The junction saw a serious collision on November 5 between two cars, one of them turning right out of the hotel. The road was closed for just over an hour to allow the treatment of the injured and clear the carriageway.

Katie Graham, duty manager at the Ratho Park Crown Carvery, described the junction as an “absolute nightmare”, affecting staff and customers trying to get in and out the car park.

“It’s awful, a fatality waiting to happen,” she added.

Councillor Bill Henderson, of the SNP, who has been campaigning for lights at the junction since 2012, welcomed the petition.

He said: “This junction is positively dangerous, there is no doubt about it, and it will only get worse with all the new house building.

“We are investigating funding for the signalisation of this junction but as of this moment there is still a significant funding shortfall.

“Even if the hotel can release funds, monies available from road safety, development contributions and the Local Neighbourhood Team will not cover the expected £410,000 cost of the scheme.”

A spokeswoman for the council said: “The council is investigating options for the junction of Dalmahoy Road and the A71.”

n Mrs Delaney’s petition can be seen at