Ian Rankin slams Edinburgh Airport security queues

Ian Rankin. Pic: Julie Bull
Ian Rankin. Pic: Julie Bull
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IAN Rankin has branded Edinburgh Airport security “embarrassing” after he was caught in a lengthy queue.

The Rebus author complained about the airport’s “overrun” system after he found himself delayed at 7.30am yesterday.

The airport is currently trialling a new £25m security hall alongside their existing one.

This involves an “airlock system” - letting some passengers through the new lounge, then closing the doors to allow other passengers through the old one.

Rankin tweeted: “One x-ray machine in use at 7:30am.

“Having to lock passengers out because you’re overrun? Embarassing.”

Followers were quick to agree with his sentiments.

Jourdan McC replied: “Been going on for a few weeks. Total disaster! Has convinced me back to trains.”

Chris Hill added: “This happened the last time I took an early flight. Dozens of people stood in the corridor for no reason. Joke airport.”

The new security facility is one and a half times larger than the current hall, and incorporates facial recognition and new hand luggage scanners. The next development involves transforming the existent security hall into duty free shopping.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said: “We’re currently in the process of transitioning between our old and new security halls. As a result of this, some passengers have experienced a slightly longer security process than we would like.

“Passengers are not being locked out of either security hall. This is an air-lock process to allow us to run both areas safely.

“We’re working hard to ensure our security system works as efficiently as possible. We apologise if this has caused an inconvenience to our passengers and thank them for their continued patience.”