Lothian Buses driver praised for stopping to tie OAP’s shoelaces

The driver's gesture was caught on camera. Picture: Leah-ashley Brown/Lothian Buses Facebook
The driver's gesture was caught on camera. Picture: Leah-ashley Brown/Lothian Buses Facebook
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A bus driver pulled over and jumped out of his vehicle to tie the shoelaces of an elderly man he spotted walking by the side of the road.

A heartwarming image, taken by an amazed passenger, shows the kind-hearted driver taking care of the OAP in the middle of an Edinburgh street.

The man had been walking along the pavement, clutching onto a walking stick with his shoelace untied.

Fearing he could fall and trip, the driver, known only as Jackie, was photographed bending down and tightening up the laces as a bus load of passengers watched on.

Communter, Leah-ashley Brown then posted the photograph onto the company’s official Facebook page who reshared the post writing: “Well done Jackie.”

Alongside the photograph, Leah wrote: “Kudos to the driver on bus 416 service number 3 for getting off to tie this elderly gentlemans shoe lace.”

The post has been liked almost 500 times and attracted dozens of comments from impressed followers.

Jennie Brown said: “Good to see. Only takes two minutes but I bet this gentleman appreciated for rest of his day.”

Ryan Mcglone wrote: “Now that’s the type drivers I like to see on every bus.”

Greta Tiffney said: “Good on you. Still some good people in this world.”

And Stephanie Laptucha wrote: “Well done to driver. Such lovely thing to do.”

It’s not the first time a bus driver has been heavily praised for going above and beyond in their line of duty.

In May last year a Glasgow bus driver was hailed a hero after a video was shared showing him stop his bus to help an elderly man cross the road.

The clip showed 51-year-old Jim Farry stop on a busy road to help the frail pensioner cross safely - reaching more than 100,000 views in 24 hours.

In 2011 another bus driver was praised for saving a toddler’s life after he spotted her suffering a seizure.

Former soldier Trevor McGarrity pulled over his bus and leapt into action when he saw 19-month-old Anna-Leigh McLean had stopped breathing.

The 46-year-old restarted her breathing and looked after her for 25 minutes until an ambulance arrived - sparking a huge round of applause from passengers on the bus.