Morrice wants fairer fares for struggling commuters

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LIVINGSTON Labour MP Graeme Morrice has backed calls to protect commuters from rocketing rail fares.

He said the UK Government should ban train operating companies from increasing ticket prices by more than one per cent above inflation.

Mr Morrice said the measure, which Labour has said it would implement if it was in government, was part of a package to prevent commuters and other hard-pressed passengers being exploited and to make rail fares fairer and simpler.

He said Chancellor George Osborne had given rail companies “flexibility” to exceed the previous inflation-plus-one-per-cent cap, which meant some fares could rise by 11 per cent.

Mr Morrice said: “Life is already tough enough for families and commuters struggling with the cost of living. But many commuters have suffered an unwelcome New Year surprise when they discovered that the price of their rail ticket has risen by much more than George Osborne promised.

“I back the call for immediate action to protect commuters by ensuring that no fare can rise by more than one per cent above inflation.”