Motorcycle accident victim had ‘no chance’

Great Junction Street was closed for several hours after the accident. Picture: Joey Kelly
Great Junction Street was closed for several hours after the accident. Picture: Joey Kelly
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HORRIFIED witnesses have told how a “speeding” motorcyclist gave a pedestrian “no chance” when his bike ploughed into her as she crossed the road.

The fatal accident happened on Great Junction Street, Leith, at 11.50am yesterday, close to Bonnington Road.

The woman, who has yet to be identified by police, had been crossing near to a bus stop when she was struck by the Yamaha sports bike.

The rider was thrown from the motorbike by the impact, colliding with a green Honda car travelling in the opposite direction.

Iain MacDonald, 56, was walking along when he heard the revs of the motorcycle and stopped to look, witnessing the horror crash.

He said: “I heard the bike roaring, that’s what drew my attention.

“As I watched him down the street he walloped her, she didn’t have a chance. I heard her scream and she was flung up in the air.

“She was crossing the road through the stationary traffic. The next thing, she was lying in the middle of the road.”

A passing doctor ran to the woman’s aid and gave her medical attention before the paramedics and ambulances arrived. He performed CPR but it is understood her injuries were too severe and she died soon after being transferred to hospital.

The motorcyclist was also taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where it is understood he is being treated for broken bones.

Mr MacDonald, from Saughton, added: “It was horrendous. It’s not a nice thing to see someone so badly injured.

“I heard the scream, it wasn’t a loud one if you know what I mean, more a whimper, as there wasn’t time. It all 
happened so quickly.

“I would have gone to help but there were already people rushing over.

“The next thing I heard was ‘I’m a doctor’ and there was a man there helping her. I think she was breathing to begin with but the next thing he was giving her CPR.

“There was no pulse but they were trying to get her back. It’s a terrible thing to happen. I just feel so sorry for the woman.”

Another witness said accidents were becoming “commonplace” on the road.

He said: “The last time there was an accident here it was falling masonry landing on a car. That time they were lucky no-one was badly hurt but this time it doesn’t look like they were that lucky, sadly.”

The road was closed for several hours while collision 
investigators combed the scene.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Great Junction Street was busy with traffic and pedestrians at the time of the collision, and we are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed this incident.”