Neighbours’ anger at loud tram PA announcements

Saughton residents have complained about the noise from the tram stop. Picture: Toby Williams
Saughton residents have complained about the noise from the tram stop. Picture: Toby Williams
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A TRAM station public address system is to be placed under curfew after neighbours claimed they were suffering a “noise invasion”.

Residents close to the Saughton stop said they could hear every safety announcement and piece of travel advice, with the constant loop repeating every few minutes from the moment the first service passed through before 6am.

The 16-speaker PA system, designed to broadcast announcements to tram passengers waiting on the platform, could be heard 200 yards away.

And residents claimed that special announcements for last night’s One Direction concert meant that for an hour the PA system blared almost every minute.

“It starts first thing in the morning, and it’s all day,” said Louise Claire, 40, whose house is 50 metres away from the nearest platform.

“At first it was a novelty, but now it’s really annoying. The speakers should for the people on the platform to hear, not in all the houses nearby.

“I can hear it when I go to sleep, and from when I wake up.

“Before it was quite quiet, but it is a noise invasion.”

She said that throughout yesterday, she could hear announcements telling passengers to avoid Murrayfield during the One Direction concert, and advising passengers to buy day tickets for travel.

“When there’s not trains coming by, it’s a nice, quiet spot. To think that that’s going to happen all the time now,
it’s ruined our peace,” Ms Claire added.

Neighbour Shona Bryce, 37, said: “It is quite loud. You notice it if you’re sitting out in the garden, during the day.

“I was hoping it would only be on for a short time and then it would settle down, but apparently not.”

Other residents vented their frustration on social media, with a discussion thread about the “loud and intrusive” PA system announcements on a Carrick Knowe parents group on Facebook attracting more than 100 views.

Dorothy Jarrett posted 
that she could “hear every word” despite living three streets away from the tram platform.

And Leonie Visser-Ferguson wrote on Facebook: “Woke up Saturday morning thinking my bed was in an airport arrival terminal.”

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Trams said: “We have received some comments relating to tram stop public announcements.

“We are reviewing how often these announcements are made and when they are stopped in the evening.”