OAP to sue Lothian Buses over broken shoulder

Roy Pratt was sent flying by the sharp braking. Picture: JANE BARLOW
Roy Pratt was sent flying by the sharp braking. Picture: JANE BARLOW
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A pensioner is planning to sue Lothian Buses after he fractured his shoulder when the driver slammed on the brakes.

Roy Pratt, 77, of Moredun, was travelling on the number 8 service into the city centre to deliver his daughter’s birthday present – a set of glass flutes – when he was sent flying round a pole after the bus stopped suddenly.

The retired electrician said he was thrown to the front of the vehicle and ended up in a heap on the floor during the incident at the Mayfield Gardens/Mayfield West stop at around 4.50pm on July 23.

Describing the incident, he said: “I was like a pole dancer. If it had been a wee child what might have happened? It was quite a hard fall.”

Mr Pratt – who somehow managed to protect the delicate glass flutes in the fall – was helped up by two ladies and met his daughter, Pauline Pratt, at the bus stop who took him for a cup of tea after seeing he had been left shaken by the fall.

It wasn’t until the next morning that he went to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s A&E department after he noticed his arm had been bleeding overnight.

He now has to wear a sling and said he suffers from headaches after X-rays revealed he has fractured some of the bones in his shoulder.

Lothian Buses said the accident was the fault of a car driver who unexpectedly pulled out of a side lane in front of the bus, but Mr Pratt is hoping to trace the women who helped him in the hope that they can confirm his story.

Mr Pratt, who said Lothian Buses had initially denied it had CCTV of the incident before changing its tune, added: “Everything happened that quickly but the first woman was very kind and I took her arm and I managed to get up.”Mr Pratt said he was also concerned that the incident had not been logged suggesting that accidents like his may be more common than anyone realises.

”I love the bus, I think they are great and the trams are great, but I would have thought it would be mandatory to report the accident.

“I did not realise how sore I was until later on.”

The woman on the bus is described as in her 30s, about 5ft 2in and dressed very professionally. The other lady who helped Mr Pratt off the bus is described as having fair hair and being in her early 20s.

A spokesperson for Transport for Edinburgh said: “Following a review of CCTV footage we can confirm that this incident was caused by a car pulling out of a lane of traffic in front of our bus causing our driver to have to brake sharply.

“We have been in touch with Mr Pratt and have informed him of our position.”