OAPs vow to boycott Tesco if bus stop isn’t fixed

Myra Denholm and Councillor Jason Rust at the poorly maintained bus stop. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
Myra Denholm and Councillor Jason Rust at the poorly maintained bus stop. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
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A GANG of fed-up pensioners have threatened to boycott their local supermarket unless bosses stump up for the repair of a nearby bus stop.

Residents from the Colinton Cottages sheltered housing complex have issued the threat to Tesco as they have become increasingly exasperated at the “disgraceful” condition of the stop on Colinton Mains Drive.

In recent years the stop has fallen into disrepair with missing glass panels and the only seating offered by two angled metal bars.

This has led pensioners from both Colinton Cottages and the nearby Viewpoint housing complex having to brave the weather conditions while waiting for a bus.

Many instead choose to perch on a nearby wall rather than attempt to balance on the cold steel bars.

Myra Denholm, 73, is one regular shopper who has labelled the stop “a disgrace”.

She said: “It’s in a shocking condition. All there is to sit on is a couple of pipes which are at an odd angle. The panels are all missing so there’s no protection from the wind or rain.

“We’re talking about people in their 70s, 80s and 90s who find it hard to stand. Most end up having to sit on the wall.

“Tesco have been told about the condition of the stop many times, but nothing’s been done. We’ll boycott the store if that’s what it takes to get them to take notice and fix it up.”

The bus shelter in question is located outside Tesco’s superstore on the main road, but it is actually situated on land within the ownership of the retail giant.

Responsibility for its maintenance and cleaning lies with the supermarket and not the city council which looks after about 900 bus shelters throughout the Capital, with the remaining 500 falling under the care of Clear Channel.

Council officials raised the matter with Tesco last year to no avail.

Colinton/Fairmilehead councillor Jason Rust said: “This bus shelter must be one of the worst in the city in terms of its condition. It has remained neglected for far too long.

“I find it incredible that Tesco have not taken action to replace the missing panels and install a new ledge for seating, and that there is still no pledge from them to upgrade the shelter after all this time.”

He added: “A large number of elderly residents catch the bus at this stop and report that they find it easier to sit on the low wall than endure the conditions at the bus stop. It’s most certainly not ‘Tesco Finest’ and I urge them to take action.”

A spokesman for Tesco said that a contract for the shelter refurbishment work was soon to be awarded.

He added: “We’re aware that the bus shelter is in need of repair. We’re looking at the work that needs to be done.”