Police issue 118 fines and warnings in 20mph zone

The second phase of 20mph was introduced at the end of February
The second phase of 20mph was introduced at the end of February
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POLICE have dished out a total of 118 warnings and fines to drivers since the second phase of 20mph was rolled out last month, new figures reveal.

Phase two, which came into force on February 28, saw a vast swathe of streets across areas such as Morningside, Duddingston and Leith take on the new limit.

Its arrival followed the implementation of the £2.2 million scheme’s first phase in the city centre last July.

The scheme has come in for its fair share of controversy but Lesley Hinds, transport and environment leader at the council, said she was pleased with how it was progressing.

She said: “We were pleased, but not surprised, by the EPS results in terms of support for 20mph, which very much echo the public support levels we found throughout the consultation we carried out in drawing up the criteria for wider 20mph implementation in Edinburgh.”

Drivers who flout the new limit face the threat of £100 fines and three points on their licence, with police previously warning that they would be carrying out “proactive” checks.

Cllr Hinds added: “One month on from the start of Phase 2, I think things are bedding in pretty well with good levels of awareness of the new limits.

“Obviously there are still differing views out there, but I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from people saying they’re finding their fellow drivers more considerate and courteous. It’s not the main aim of the scheme, of course, but everyone benefits when all road users feel they’re given time and space.

“The 20mph rollout will be evaluated fully after the final phase has been implemented and we are also carrying out regular monitoring of the scheme.

“This work will be invaluable in assessing the success of bringing slower speeds to residential, shopping and city centre streets in the Capital.”