Police out to help cyclists with checks

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POLICE are carrying out patrols to check that motorists are paying due attention to cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

The week-long summer scheme, launched yesterday and set to run until Friday, will see officers conduct road checks in the Capital in a bid to boost safety.

Although car and pedestrian casualties have decreased in Scotland, according to a 2012 report, pedestrian and cycle fatalities increased.

Police chiefs have urged road users to ensure they are properly prepared and equipped for whatever activity they plan, including maintenance checks on vehicles and wearing hi-visibility clothing and helmets where appropriate.

Inspector Tracey Robinson, from the divisional road policing unit in Edinburgh, said: “There are a great many more people, especially in our towns and cities, now choosing to cycle rather than take the car.

“We need to remind drivers to watch out for pedal cyclists and give them plenty of room when overtaking and only ­overtake when it is completely safe to do so.

“There are a minority of cyclists who flout the law and place themselves and others in danger. Cyclists must obey all traffic signs, traffic light signals and must not cycle on pavements. At night your bicycle must have the correct lights fitted and lit. Whether motor cycle or pedal cycle, remember ‘Think Bike, Think Biker!”