Residents railing against late-night train racket

Maureen Child says residents are being driven to distraction
Maureen Child says residents are being driven to distraction
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Residents in a city street are being driven to distraction by the noise of train engines running all night at a maintenance depot.

People living in Portobello’s Stanley Street are worst affected by work at the Craigentinny Depot, which they say often begins at around 10pm and continues until 6am.

It is understood the problems intensified in mid-December, when the depot, which is operated by East Coast Trains, began servicing trains from the west.

Environmental health officers from the city council have been brought in to try to resolve the issue.

Portobello Councillor Maureen Child said several constituents had approached her about the problem.

“The residents are suffering from a great deal of noise.

“It’s overnight and it seems to be when the trains are being cleaned and the engines are running all the time.

“You’re not allowed to leave your car idling, but there doesn’t seem to be the same legislation in Scotland for trains, although there is in England.

“One of the worst-affected residents said he couldn’t even hear himself think.

“In fact, when he was on the phone complaining to the rail company, they couldn’t hear him because of the noise.”

Councillor Child added she believed East Coast Trains was looking in to the possibility of a sound barrier to minimise the problem.

Helen Sinclair, who owns a guest house on Stanley Street, said: “I had a lady who was staying in my holiday house at the bottom of the garden complain that she couldn’t sleep.

“That time the noise had gone on all weekend.

“I can’t afford to have this affect my customers – it’s worse further up the street.”

An East Coast Trains spokesman said: “We’ve increased the number of trains we’re able to maintain and service at Craigentinny Depot following work which was undertaken to upgrade sidings.

“We’re looking at a range of options for minimising noise. We’ve discussed this recently with Edinburgh City Council and we’re looking to get feedback from local residents.

“This follows a successful open day for residents which we held at the depot last year.”

A council spokesman said: “There have been initial discussions with the rail operator about steps that may be taken to address these concerns.

“We will continue to work with all parties involved to try and resolve this issue.”