Schoolboy in lucky escape after being struck by cab

Paramedics lift the stricken schoolboy into an ambulance on George IV Bridge
Paramedics lift the stricken schoolboy into an ambulance on George IV Bridge
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A 12-YEAR-OLD boy had a lucky escape after being knocked down by a black cab on George IV Bridge while walking home from school with a friend.

The youngster was struck by the cab beside the Frankenstein pub yesterday lunchtime, and was left lying injured in the road. Witnesses said it appeared he had run into the path of the cab.

The boy was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after being put into a neck brace and taken away on a stretcher.

But doctors found the youngster, who was wearing his school uniform at the time of the accident, had only suffered cuts and bruises.

Witnesses said the boy was lucky to escape serious injury, adding that the cab had only hit him on the side of its bumper, smashing one of the headlights.

Police interviewed the cab driver following the accident, although it is understood no-one will be charged over the incident, which took place at around 12.45pm yesterday.

David Campbell, 47, from Stockbridge, was among the first to reach the stricken youngster.

He said: “I heard a bang and looked round to see what happened. I recognised the sound, as I was knocked down myself by a bread van when I was a boy.

“I could see him lying in the road. He must have been eating his lunch because he still had food in his mouth.

“I’ve got a first aid certificate so I went to see if I could help. He was still at first but then he started to move. He was crying and panicking on the ground. I put him in the recovery position and tried to get him to keep still.

“He didn’t seem to have bad external injuries but I was worried he might have internal damage. I kept talking to him to try and keep him calm until the ambulance came.

“He was very lucky not to have been more seriously hurt because it gave him a good bang. It seemed to be the side of the taxi which hit him so that’s probably what saved him.”

The youngster had been with another boy, who was comforted at the scene by passers-by.

Andrew Green, 30, a train guard from Colinton Mains, also offered his help.

He said: “I just heard the bang. I don’t think the taxi could’ve been going at any great speed because of this road, but the boy must’ve run out.

“There was another boy with him and I offered my mobile phone so he could try and call the boy’s mum but he couldn’t get hold of her.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The boy sustained minor injuries, but was taken to hospital as a precaution.”