Scots firms in Forth bridge work boost

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TRANSPORT Minister Keith Brown has spoken out to correct “the wrong impression” that no Scottish firms are benefiting from the new Forth bridge.

Mr Brown said: “Scottish firms are clearly already benefiting and will continue to do so. 118 Scottish firms have already risen to the challenge of working on this iconic project and the total value to Scottish firms is around £20 million, with more to be announced.

“In addition, 870 out of 1041 supply orders awarded on the principal contract have gone to Scottish companies. These contracts are awarded by Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors which includes Scottish firm Morrison Construction.”

Mr Brown said the project will support 1200 Scottish jobs, securing 3000 more, and every year will provide 45 vocational training positions, 21 professional-body training places and 46 positions for long-term unemployed people.