Student flies to Edinburgh via Poland because it’s cheaper than train

He flew Ryanair to the Polish city of Sczecin
He flew Ryanair to the Polish city of Sczecin
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A STUDENT has told how he found it was cheaper to fly to Edinburgh via Poland and Germany than buy a return train ticket from London.

William Stein, 20, said he was appalled by the “absurd” cost of the train fare despite booking weeks in advance.

He found flying direct was expensive, but discovered a flight via the Polish city of Szczecin which cost just £21.95.

From there he went to Berlin and on to Glasgow before getting the bus to the Capital. In total he spent £10 on a hostel in Poland, £7 on a bus from Szczecin to Berlin, £8.80 on a bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh and £45.40 on a train home from Edinburgh to London. His total trip spend came to £97.76 – less than £20 more than the original return train would have cost him.

“Who would’ve known you can visit four cities for the price of one?” Stein told the Evening Standard. “It is so bizarre. I knew, of course, the UK is more expensive than other places but it made me think the rail companies are charging so much for these trains, and wonder how much profit they are making.

“Especially for students, just getting around the country is so expensive, it is absolutely absurd – and that’s with a railcard. I’m so scared for when it expires. People are slagging off Ryanair, and although services can be bad, it does allow everyone to travel. It cost £10 for a flight – it’s cheaper to go from Stansted to Poland than from Stansted into central London.”