The Jubilee Line? What would you choose to name after Her Majesty?

The tram line has been suggested as an appropriate landmark
The tram line has been suggested as an appropriate landmark
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THE hunt is on for a major city landmark to be named after her Majesty the Queen, in honour of her Diamond Jubilee year.

Council chiefs have ordered officials to prepare a report on an appropriate monument to honour the Queen’s reign.

The search began after councillors decided a proposal to name a suite of back offices at the City Chambers didn’t quite fit the bill.

Among the alternative suggestions was the new Sick Kids Hospital, the Capital’s tram line and the council’s headquarters at Waverley Gate.

Tory councillor Dominic Heslop had proposed renaming the council’s business centre as the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Business Centre in recognition of Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne.

But the Labour-SNP administration opposed the move, saying it would be “demeaning”, and suggested something else be found. Officials will bring a report on the issue to the council.

Asked by the Evening News what he thought would be a fitting memorial, Labour Councillor Ricky Henderson said: “We turned down the business centre because we didn’t think the rooms were salubrious enough.

“I certainly think the new Sick Kids Hospital would be a lot more fitting.”

The Lib Dems’ Paul Edie said: “The Edinburgh International Conference Centre springs to mind, something along those lines. It seems fitting for someone who has been on the throne for 60 years.”

Putting forward his proposal, Cllr Heslop told fellow members: “Many of us enjoyed the festivities, including street parties, during the Jubilee weekend. But street parties are not a lasting legacy.”

He said First Minister Alex Salmond had announced the creation of a garden at the Palace of Holyroodhouse to celebrate the occasion and the tower housing Big Ben had been renamed Elizabeth Tower.

All he proposed was to replace the existing “rather anodyne, bland name” with the title Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Business Centre.

But Labour council leader Andrew Burns said the business centre was an inadequate recognition. He said: “Much as I love going to meetings in the business centre, I’m not sure it’s quite befitting of being named after the Queen. There are other things which would be more suitable.”

And SNP deputy council leader Steve Cardownie said: “It would be quite demeaning to invite the Queen to open a few back rooms.”

Cllr Heslop agreed to a report on more appropriate ways of recognising the jubilee.