Tram brick attacks: Passenger tells of horror

The tram shelter at Balgreen has been damaged by bricks and is now taped off. Picture: Neil Hanna
The tram shelter at Balgreen has been damaged by bricks and is now taped off. Picture: Neil Hanna
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Yobs have targeted city trams in a series of brick attacks that has seen windows smashed while the carriages travel through the west of the Capital.

Two trams were struck with missiles over the weekend – the first incidents of this kind since the network launched in May – at stops in Saughton and neighbouring Balgreen.

On both occasions a brick smashed through the glass window of the automatic doors narrowly missing passengers

Glass shelters at Saughton and Balgreen have also been targeted with glass panels shattered by heavy bricks or stones.

Passenger Catherine Wilson said she was returning from the airport when she heard a “massive bang” as the vehicle pulled into Balgreen at around 8.45pm on Sunday.

The 30-year-old, who lives in Balgreen, said: “It was horrible – it was such a fright. Whatever that loud pop or bang was, it gave everyone a fright.

“A stone or something had hit the tram when it was moving.

“We all got a fright and a couple of people screamed, but it wasn’t until I got to my stop that I realised the whole door window had shattered.

“Everyone was alert and looking around. I don’t think anybody on any of the carriages could have missed it.

“I just hope it doesn’t happen again – I use the tram daily.”

She added: “There were a couple of older ladies sitting behind me, and I could see that they must have got a real shock. When I got off at the stop I noticed there was lots of glass at the station and the shelter had been smashed, too.

“It’s just so dangerous. There was nobody around so it was obviously done from a distance. I just wanted to get away 
from it.”

The night before another tram was attacked by stone-throwers at nearby Saughton.

It is understood the vehicle had stopped at the station at around 9.40pm – one mile from Balgreen – when the attack was launched.

A spokeswoman for Edinburgh Trams said CCTV footage of the incidents had been handed to police in an effort to hunt down the culprits.

She added: “The safety of our staff and passengers is our number one priority.

“We do not tolerate any form of vandalism and will be working with Police Scotland to identify and prosecute those responsible.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh are investigating after a tram sustained damage to its window while at a stop in Balgreen.

“No-one was injured and anyone who can assist police with their ongoing inquiry is asked to come forward.”

The incident comes days after it emerged Lothian Buses drivers are refusing to stop at Pennywell shopping centre in Muirhouse following a series of ambushes from pint-sized yobs intent on stealing cash.

The thieves – some as young as eight years old – carry out their raids by yanking an external lever to kill the bus’s engine and waiting until the driver gets out to inspect the problem, before grabbing money from the cab.