Tram line engineer ticketed for parking on tracks

An engineer who was testing the line was ticketed for parking too near the track. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor
An engineer who was testing the line was ticketed for parking too near the track. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor
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A NO-nonsense approach to parking near the tram tracks has been underlined – after a warden ticketed the car of an engineer testing the line.

A Siemens engineer returned to find a £60 fixed penalty notice slapped on his windscreen in York Place yesterday.

His company Citroen wasn’t on the tram lines and tucked neatly away on the central reservation. The irate workman attempted to plead his case, but his cries fell on deaf ears.

One city resident, who witnessed the incident, said: “The guy came back and was arguing with the warden. He was wearing a high visibility jacket and had been working on the line itself.

“It just shows that they’re taking no chances with anyone holding the blessed trams up at the moment.

“It’s one of the biggest fears of the tram operators I understand, so there’s been a veritable parking ticket blitz. If you’re anywhere near the tracks, you get a fine.”

Parking wardens have been instructed to come down hard on anyone caught parking too near the tracks after a spate of recent incidents.

Last month a city driver carelessly abandoned his dark grey BMW 5 Series on a loading bay in South St Andrew Street – more than a yard from the kerb and jutting into the tram tracks.

His terrible parking meant a tram testing the tracks was unable to pass for more than ten minutes and resulted in a £60 fine for the motorist, believed to be in his late 20s.

City transport convener Councillor Lesley Hinds said of this latest incident: “This vehicle was not authorised to park in this location so the parking attendant has taken appropriate action in issuing a Penalty Charge Notice.

“It’s vital that all motorists abide by the rules of the road and park in designated spaces well clear of the tram tracks.”

Council officials have told how the issue of parking within loading bays and near tram tracks by inconsiderate drivers has been noticed at several locations throughout the city at South St Andrew Street, West Maitland Street and Haymarket Yards. With this in mind a rapid response recovery truck has been set on standby to race to the scene of any blockages along the 8.7-mile tram route from the airport to York Place.

And they have warned drivers whose cars are towed will face a £180 fine for their recovery.