Video: ‘Live fast, die old’ bike safety campaign

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A new campaign, Live Fast Die Old, has been launched aimed at encouraging motorcyclists on Scotland’s roads to stay safe this biking season.

The campaign, by Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government, highlights the need to negotiate left-hand bends safely. One in three motorbike fatalities occur on left-hand bends.

Motorcyclists make up one per cent of Scotland’s road traffic, but account for 13 per cent of its fatalities, and throughout the biking season it is not unusual to see at least one fatality each weekend.

Live Fast Die Old will include a short fun film showing older bikers enjoying themselves and living life to the full, while also taking it easy on left-hand bends, or ‘lefthanders’.

The campaign is aimed primarily at male bikers between 40 and 49 years old. This age group make up 20 per cent of all bikers in Scotland but account for 30 per cent of bikers who are killed or seriously injured.

Commenting, Chief Superintendent Iain Murray from Police Scotland said: “After a long winter off the roads, many bikers are getting ready to get back out this Easter weekend.

“While we want bikers to enjoy the fantastic roads and scenery that Scotland has to offer, we want them to keep them safe, especially on left hand bends.

“The Live Fast Die Old campaign is a fantastic opportunity for us to talk directly to bikers, encouraging them to enjoy the season while thinking about the safety aspects of their ride. Ultimately living fast and dying old.”