Waverley ban on taxis ‘is an overreaction’

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A PROPOSED security-inspired ban on cars and taxis at Waverley station has been described as an overreaction by the SNP’s Edinburgh Southern MSP, Jim Eadie.

He has written to Network Rail challenging the move after constituents highlighted the problems it would create for older and disabled people using the station.

Mr Eadie said: “Procedures for car and taxi access to the station work very well just now, so any proposed change must be very well thought out. I’ve yet to hear any convincing explanation for what Network Rail propose.

“There may be some security concerns, but a complete ban on cars and taxis seems to be an overreaction and completely disproportionate to any perceived threat.

“Removing car and taxi access will be inconvenient for many, but could prove a serious barrier to access for older and disabled people in particular.”