Tricia has spotless record in her career

Tricia Manson is now head of Edinburgh division
Tricia Manson is now head of Edinburgh division
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A woman who worked her way up from being a cleaner at a firm to become its regional boss is being recognised as the longest serving member of staff.

Tricia Manson has worked at Spotless Commercial Cleaning for 23 years. She now heads up its Edinburgh division and is responsible for a business with a £4.5 million turnover.

The 54-year-old joined the company on 9 April 1994 and started as an early morning cleaner working a few hours a day while her children were young

She won successive promotions over her 23-year career with the company and is now divisional director responsible for a business with a £4.5 million turnover and clients that include Baillie Gifford and Mclay Murray Spens.

She oversees 450 staff and has a 17-strong management team that reports to her.

Tricia was appointed director of operations in 2011 and was promoted to her current role in 2017.

Tricia grew up in Hutchison in the Slateford area of Edinburgh. She started her working life aged 16 at Pattersons the book binders in Canonmills, where she repaired old books and bound new ones.

She worked there for 12 years but after having her family she moved to Spotless as she was able to work at night and in the early mornings and be at home in time to get the kids ready for school.

Tricia said: “When I first started working as a cleaner at Spotless I was able to work flexibly and the hours really suited my child care arrangements which was a huge help.

“I started as an early morning supervisor and progressed quickly through the ranks as I discovered by doing the job that I was a great at managing people and motivating teams. I enjoy listening to their concerns and solving problems. As time went on I was given more and more responsibility and rose to the challenge every time. I get great satisfaction from helping other people progress through the company as I have done.”

When asked how her job has changed over the years she said: “Advances in technology have had the biggest impact on the way we do our jobs.

“I used to have a pager and use coin-operated phone boxes to respond to messages when I was out and about; now we have mobile phones and Ipads so we are contactable wherever we are.

“We are very visible in what we do and our clients all have access to the Spotless online portal.

“We also have our own Spotless ‘app’ which records everything that happens on the job. It covers everything from health and safety to training and records incidents if they arise.”

Of the reason she has stayed with Spotless so long, she said: “It’s a great company to work for and I really, really like the people I work with.”