Tube station fall MP’s good Samaritan hails from Capital

Fiona O'Donnell's injury is not as bad as first feared
Fiona O'Donnell's injury is not as bad as first feared
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A GOOD Samaritan who leapt to the aid of a politician badly injured after tumbling down a flight of stairs on the London Underground was from Edinburgh.

East Lothian MP Fiona O’Donnell plunged down the concrete walkway while lugging a heavy suitcase on her return from a foreign trip.

London commuters ignored her suspected leg break plight as she lay writhing in agony on the floor.

She was only helped by one warm-hearted do-gooder who dashed over to see if she was alright.

The 52-year-old said she was delighted to discover her angel of mercy hailed from none other than the Capital.

She said: “It’s amazing that people can walk on by. I certainly hope my sons would help someone in that situation.”

The Labour politician said the man, who was in his late 20s, helped her to her feet and asked after her.

But, in the drama of the moment, she failed to get his name before he disappeared into the rush-hour throng.

She said: “I didn’t get the name of the young man. When he was picking me up, he said ‘where are you from?’ and I said ‘near Edinburgh’ and he said he was the same. I’d just like to thank him whoever he is.”

Mrs O’Donnell had just returned from an official visit to Bangladesh when the horror incident unfolded.

Struggling through Paddington station last Monday morning she encountered an out-of-order escalator and had to take the stairs.

She said: “I started to walk down the stairs with a really heavy case. I pushed the suitcase down in front of me and I lost my centre of gravity and basically followed the suitcase down the stairs and all I was thinking was ‘protect your head’.

“I remember my main worry was that the case might have taken out a row of commuters as it went down the stairs, but thankfully it didn’t. At least I didn’t cause anyone else to be injured.”

She added: “I lay there for a wee while on the ground and although there were lots of people, there was only that one man who 

“I did the independent woman thing and, despite being in agony, told him I was fine.”

Incredibly, Mrs O’Donnell struggled the rest of the way to Westminster but, when she arrived, shocked staff immediately ordered her to go to hospital.

She was taken in a taxi, as she didn’t want to call an ambulance, but the cabbie was so horrified at her condition he refused to accept his fare.

Doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital originally believed she had badly broken her right tibia.

However, after an MRI scan, it was established she was actually suffering from a badly strained knee ligament and a bruised leg “the colour of autumn”.

Mrs O’Donnell, who was elected to office in May 2010 after incumbent Anne Moffat was deselected by the East Lothian constituency party, was admitted for three nights and discharged on Thursday morning.

She said: “I’m home in Pentcaitland now with some crutches and a leg the colour of autumn, but I’m hugely relieved I’m not getting a full plaster cast.

“And because it’s not as serious as feared, I will be back in Westminster for work today.”

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