TV chef Clarissa’s funeral set for April 7

Date set for Clarissa funeral. Picture : Justin Spittle
Date set for Clarissa funeral. Picture : Justin Spittle
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The funeral of TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright will be held on April 7 in Edinburgh.

The 66-year-old died at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary on March 15.

The service will take place at 2pm in St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in York Place followed by a private cremation.

Private donations from Dickson Wright’s funeral will be distributed to local charities helping alcohol dependency, homelessness and the relief poverty.

The former alcoholic’s law career deteriorated when she started drinking and she eventually went into rehab in 1987.

She worked at a shop and cafe in London for seven years before moving to Edinburgh in the 1990s to run Cooks Book Shop.

It was while she lived in the capital that Dickson Wright was approached to appear in the cooking programme Two Fat Ladies.

She was also a vocal supported of hunting and campaigned for the Countryside Alliance.