TV millionaire reveals fears over fitting in

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A FLAMBOYANT millionaire who went undercover for a television programme in one of Edinburgh’s poorest areas has spoken of his concern at how he might fit in.

Businessman Ivan Massow spent time living in Pilton for Channel 4’s Secret Millionnaire, which will be aired on Sunday.

And while he found the experience working for local homeless charity Fresh Start worthwhile, he added that he did have reservations about blending in.

The 44-year-old, who made his money providing financial packages for the gay community, said: “I wasn’t nervous about the poverty gap.

“I was more concerned about being a gay Englishman in a deeply Scottish area and being branded a ‘soft southerner’.”

Mr Massow said he even grew to love his makeshift flat, a far cry from his everyday life in a trendy London suburb.

“At the end of the day if you live your life in a good, clean way, the world is good back to you and the vast majority of people living on the estate are decent, hard working and honest,” he said.

“The kids with the huge dogs selling drugs on the street corner represent a small minority of the community.”