Two teenagers on trial for double murder in Lothians

TWO teenagers have gone on trial for a double murder, including the death of a pensioner.

Tuesday, 25th August 2015, 9:07 am
The High Court in Glasgow.

Paul Erskine and Andrew Moran, both 19, are alleged to have killed Harry Reekie on September 16 last year in Bathgate in West Lothian.

They are also accused of murdering Steven Mitchell in the town, on September 16 or 17.

The High Court in Glasgow heard yesterday that Mr Reekie, 65, picked out pictures of Erskine and Moran shown to him by police while he was in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after the attack.

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He also told police that he had flashbacks after the incident – in which tape was allegedly put around his neck – and claimed he was “petrified” afterwards.

Detective constable Angela Wallace read a number of statements to the court that she and her colleague took from Mr Reekie before he died from his injuries in January this year.

The court heard that he told officers: “It was only the big guy that taped me up, the wee guy didn’t touch it.

“It was the big guy that stabbed and punched me.”

The court heard that in his statement, he said: “The one I have said is the older guy, he was wearing the grey hoodie, it looked as if he had very short or shaved hair, his hood was up but I could see his face.

“It was a fat face and very clean shaven.”

Mr Reekie also said in a statement that the “older guy” at one point had his face close to his and “I could smell his stinking breath”.

The jury heard he said: “I could see their faces because the light was shining in to the living room.”

The court heard that in another statement Mr Reekie said after he thought they had left he was able to get to his neighbour George Campbell’s door where he knocked and shouted “help” but there was no answer.

The statement went on: “I sat down on the step right in front of George’s door then I heard footsteps and I seen a shadow then I’m sure it was the big guy – he came and slashed me again on my legs two or three times, then I saw him run away down the path.”

The trial before judge Lord Kinclaven continues.